Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Update on Bowers Family 1911 Census - Children

Interesting from the Census of 1911, the entries are written by persons residing at the address which is now given as 140 Brown Lees, Brindley Ford, nr, Tunstall. It was completed by Harriet Bowers.

James Bowers, 47 yrs Head , Furnace Helper at Robert Heath Iron and Steel works

Emily Maud Bowers, 37 yrs

Harriett Bowers, 17 yrs daughter , Velvet Divider

John Bowers, 15yrs, son - Forge Lad

James Bowers, 13 yrs son ( My Granddad ) - School

Reginald Bowers, 10 yrs son - School

Harry Bowers, 8 yrs, (I think this is Henry)

Albert Bowers, 2 yrs

William Bowers 5 months

They had been married for 18 years, had 10 children,3 of which had died. House described as 4 rooms, so that would be two up - two down.

Some research has help me discover 3 children:

Ellis Bowers, born 7th September 1899 but death recorded on same date

Harold Bowers, born 1904 in the registration period Oct to Dec. He died October 1904.

Emily Bowers, born December 1905,died April 1907

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