Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Update on Bowers Family 1911 Census - Children

Interesting from the Census of 1911, the entries are written by persons residing at the address which is now given as 140 Brown Lees, Brindley Ford, nr, Tunstall. It was completed by Harriet Bowers.

James Bowers, 47 yrs Head , Furnace Helper at Robert Heath Iron and Steel works

Emily Maud Bowers, 37 yrs

Harriett Bowers, 17 yrs daughter , Velvet Divider

John Bowers, 15yrs, son - Forge Lad

James Bowers, 13 yrs son ( My Granddad ) - School

Reginald Bowers, 10 yrs son - School

Harry Bowers, 8 yrs, (I think this is Henry)

Albert Bowers, 2 yrs

William Bowers 5 months

They had been married for 18 years, had 10 children,3 of which had died. House described as 4 rooms, so that would be two up - two down.

Some research has help me discover 3 children:

Ellis Bowers, born 7th September 1899 but death recorded on same date

Harold Bowers, born 1904 in the registration period Oct to Dec. He died October 1904.

Emily Bowers, born December 1905,died April 1907

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Henry Bowers aged 16 years dies in Mining Accident

Just got the death certificate for Henry Bowers

Henry Bowers. born 1903 is tragically killed in a mining accident on 26.2.1919 when he was Handmining on the North level at Victoria Colliery, Black Bull, Biddulph, U.D. He was living at home which was still 140 Back Brook Street, Brown Lees, Black Bull, Biddulph. His occupation given as Colliery horse driver. At a coroners inquest held on 1st March 1919 the cause of death was recorded as,'Suffication through accidentally falling under a tub of coal'. He was buried in the family grave in St Lawrence Church, Biddulph.

I think he was in charge of a pit pony that drew the carts from the face to the main shaft.   I don't thing there would have been mechanised equipment then.

Friday, October 5, 2012

Friday, September 28, 2012

American Soldiers in Biddulph World War 2

You never know...well buying some chips at Shepherd Street, Biddulph we got chatting about americans in Biddulph during world war 2 and they used the old wood yard next door.  I had done a little bit of research on the subject and here are some links:  

I can confirm that elements of the 87th Infantry Division, specifically the 345th Infantry Regiment (my father’s regiment), stayed in Biddulph for a short while before embarking to France.
From an official standpoint, this is documented in our history book, which you can download here:
Download the “Combined History Book”. This is a PDF document that is text-searchable. When I searched on “Biddulph”, two references from the 345th section were found.
A search of “Biddulph” on our web site provides these three links:

Friday, June 15, 2012

Biddulph Bus Identified.......

E8961 is a Leyland (obviously from the photograph) but bodywork unknown. It was new in March 1924 to Arthur Turner of 27 Tunstall Road, Biddulph and had left him by Jan 1929. I have details of 4 buses operated by him but this is the first photograph I have seen of one of them.

Would be interested to know the names of the "crew", perhaps one for Jeremy Condliffe and his "Glancing back in pictures" column.  Can't quite make out the name of the establishment to the rear of the bus but it is alongside an Hotel.

Congleton terminus in the 1920's was Congleton (Fountain) for most Biddulph services i.e. Swan Bank and Bridge Street

(Bears Head Hotel)

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

1 New Buildings, Childerplay is up for sale

The old homestead is up for sale....  I left in 1969 and it has had a couple of new occupants since then.  Now up for sale again at £ 69,000....

A far cry from the purchase price in 1947 when Thomas Edwin Hill purchased it for.......£450.00

Monday, March 19, 2012

Pictures of New Buildings, Brindley Ford, Staffordshire

I have been doing some more research on the Turner and Farmer side of the family, in relation to the connection with Mabel Turner and Thomas Richard Hill.  Looks like we may have some relatives in America, so here are some photographs of the old place where they were brought up:

Number One looking down the 'fronts'

Number 13 first door in shot, looking up towards number 1

Looking towards Victoria Colliery - Long Gone

The 'backs' of New Buildings

Must be bin day....?

Looking towards number one from the back of number 15