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Albert Bowers - Royal Navy World War Two - H.M.N.Z.S. ACHILLES - BATTLE OF THE RIVER PLATE

Through the power of the internet and the web site www.nigelbowers.co.uk I have been in touch with some more relatives.  This has inspired me to do some more research, so I have been back to thge local library at Congleton, Cheshire, United Kingdom and looked up the article featured on the left about Albert Bowers.
It was on microfish, bit of a strain to read, but here goes:

It is from the front page of the Congelton Chronicle, Incorporated with the Congleton and Macclesfield Mercury.....


One of the heroes of the River Plate, Albert Bowers, son of Mrs and the late James Bowers of 140 Brook Street, Brown Lees, Biddulph.  As a hospital attendent he was in the engagement as a member of HMS 'Achilles' which played a leading role in forcing the 'Graf Von Spee' to take to refuge in Montevideo Harbour and eventually scuttle her.
S.B.P.O. Bowers, as a youth worked at Black Bull Colliery and is remembered in the district as a keen sportsman and regular church attender.  When aged 17 he was on the Primitive Methodist Church Plan in Biddulph.  He joined thr Navy as a young man of 20 and has now served eleven and a half years.  Following a period in the marines, he was transferred to HMS 'Achilles' and promoted Leading Sick Berth Attendent.  His fondness of sport has found ample expression in the Navy and in peace time he was a regular member of the Royal Navy Hospital team, winning many medals.  He is an excellent swimmer. He has a wife and baby who look forward to seeing him at their future home in Gillingham, Kent.

Brief history HMS then HMNZS Achilles

Some more info on HMS Achilles 

Whilst I was at the library I had a browse of the paper and if you fancied a night at the pictures you could go and see:
At the Premier
Hound of the Baskervilles
Starring Basil Rathbone

At the New Cinema - Royle Street, Congleton
The Magnificent Fraud
Starring Akim Tamiroff and Lloyd Nolan

Howver if you wre ill and suffering from influenza doctors, according to the advert were recommending OVALTINE....

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