Monday, March 28, 2011

The power of the internet - New family member found

Just got an e-mail from June Jones nee Bowers from Nottingham.  She saw the web site ~: and e-mailed me.  I think she is going to be a wealth of information and I must try and go to see her.  Here is the e-mail:
'Hi Nigel,just looked on family tree and thought l would drop you a few lines,l am Reginalds daughter..l remember your grandma and grandpa well,from the days when we visited Brown Lees to see grandma Bowers(your great grandma)l loved her to pieces so it was a joy to come over.
l remember not only Uncle Jim and Aunty Hannah but ..Bill,Albert,Frank,Jack and Aunty Harriett.
Have you managed to contact young Frank?(Frank's son) l would love to hear of him or from him as we used to go and stay at Uncle Jack and Aunty Minnies pub in Cresswell,during school holidays.
l think you may have been in touch with my son Mark from Shropshire at sometime as he was interested in tracing the family..until took up all his time.
l have lived in Nottingham all my life and still live only four miles from where l was born.
It would be nice to hear from you,let me know about you and yours,must dash as l sing in a choir and it's practice night,
Bye for now,

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